AGRiP Residencies

Review resources from AGRiP residencies, including comprehensive pool-specific guides on topics like succession planning, digital transformation, inclusion and more.

Conscious Culture

Resources to help pools understand their culture and consciously create the best environment for the pool and its people.

A strong positive pool culture delivers improved efficiency, engagement and results, so it’s important to get it right. Making a conscious choice about culture (and building to that vision) is critical as pools experience turnover in staff and governing body members and adjust to emerging employee expectations around work.

We’re pleased to partner  with Jamie Notter for our 2024 residency to help pools:

  • Complete a culture assessment to identify norms and patterns in your pool

  • Design a conscious culture that leads to better performing and more satisfied employees.

  • Implement the culture change that’s best for your team.

→ Learn more about Conscious Culture.

Digital Transformation

An ongoing expert residency to help pools advance their learning in and capabilities for digital strategy and leadership.

Resources will help pools cement a long-term legacy as well as meet current expectations around technology and digital innovation.

→ See other digital transformation resources. 

Generational Foresight

Resources to help pools consider the impact of a multi-generational environment and implement practical steps to engage all generations.

  • Use our Generational Training for Pools workbook to grow awareness and respect for workplace and membership generational issues, appreciate the benefits of generational diversity, and leverage generational benefits at your pool and among your members.

→ See our other generational foresight resources. 


Resources to help pools and their members respond to the many social dynamics surfacing within communities.

  • Learn how to elevate pool governance through inclusivity by watching our four-part video series.
  • Use our Inclusive Leadership workbook to better understand inclusivity, tap into cognitive and demographic diversity at your pool, and create a customized inclusivity plan.

→ See our other inclusion resources​.

Measures That Matter

A research-based residency to help pools  understand, measure and communicate the value of pooling. 

Member pools will access materials to help them frame and communicate their most meaningful value proposition for members and guidance to adopt measures that matter. Your pool’s approach will be your own based upon the expert inputs and experience of our residency resources.

  • Learn about six distinct, research-backed dimensions of value commonly provided by pools

  • Identify pool metrics meaningful to the six dimensions of value

  • Develop language and supportive visualizations to communicate the value of pooling to your governing body, members and other stakeholders

→ Learn more about Measures That Matter.

Strategic Foresight

Resources to help pools create future-forward organizations.

  • Use our guide to strategic foresight to implement strategic foresight efforts in your pool. Follow six important steps: frame the domain, scan for trends, forecast scenarios, envision the future, backcast and implement.

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Succession Planning

Resources to help pools preserve and transfer vision, skills and knowledge in the event of executive or staff turnover.

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