Measures That Matter Residency and Resources

Measures That Matter Residency and Resources

In pooling, it's important to talk about the work we do in a way that's meaningful to our members and sets us apart, but how do you get an entire organization (and membership) on board with common language and meaningful metrics? Measures That Matter is our residency for 2023, designed to help pools measure and articulate the value of pooling. 

→ Read an introduction to Measures That Matter.

→ Learn how to Focus on the Value Your Members Receive.

Measures That Matter gives you:

  1. A research-backed way to talk about the value provided by your pool to its members and the wider communities you serve

  2. A structure for developing metrics and key performance indicators that are unique to your pool and the value you provide your members

  3. A framework for applying value-based measures to the work you are already doing, including:
    • Strategic planning
    • Communications planning
    • Managing turnover among your member contacts and decision makers
    • Branding initiatives
    • Internal operational management
    • Advocacy
    • ESG (regulatory requirements, investment, member expectations)
    • Staff and leadership development

Current and Future Residency Resources

Available to all members:

Available to members that accept user terms:

  • Measures That Matter overview and background

  • Sample pool value statements

  • Licensed framework and implementation guidance

  • Use cases examples (e.g. strategic planning, communications planning, advocacy, etc.)

  • Sample pool measures and data definitions

  • Data visualization examples and recommended techniques

  • Eligibility to register for CEO Institute 2023

Throughout 2023, member pools will have a variety of opportunities to engage with residency experts and resources, including: 

Introduction for Governing Body Members and Pool Leadership
The opening keynote of AGRiP’s Governance Conference 2023 addressed Measures That Matter. Governing body members and pool staff learned why it is important to quantify the six core values of pooling in ways most meaningful to your members. View the presentation slides.

Workshop for Top Pool Executives
A hands-on workshop at CEO Institute 2023 in Chesapeake Bay, MD, will teach top pool executives (from AGRiP member pools, only) how to implement Measures That Matter within their own organizations.

Presentation on Outcomes and Applications for Pool Staff
A presentation at Staff Forum 2023 in Salt Lake City will focus on outcomes and will teach all pool staff about Measures That Matter and how they apply to daily pool operations.

Community of Practice Meetings
These informal, collaborative (and virtual) meetings are an opportunity for AGRiP member pools to learn from residency experts and each other as they implement Measures That Matter.

Implementation Toolkit
The residency will culminate in a toolkit containing:

  • Measures That Matter materials that can be customized by line of coverage
  • Guidance for implementing key performance metrics within a structured framework
  • Suggested pool measures and corresponding data definitions
  • Data visualization examples and recommended techniques
  • Use cases for Measures That Matter efforts (e.g. strategic planning, communications planning, advocacy, etc.)

      License Agreement

      Our Measures That Matter Residency includes access to a licensed framework, so members must agree to user terms to access materials. Top pool executives were sent an email with instructions for reviewing and accepting user terms on behalf of their pool. Contact your pool’s executive director for access to the residency resources.

      If you are a top executive who has not yet signed the user terms, contact Devereaux Morkunas for access.

      Residency Partners

      The Measures That Matter Residency includes and is guided by implementation expertise from Mutuo, with access for member pools to an independently validated and licensed framework developed by BCCM and Monash University. Member pools will agree to user terms to access residency materials.

      AGRiP is licensing the Mutual Value Measurement Framework© (MVM) for our members to adapt and use as Measures That Matter. The MVM was developed to help cooperatives and mutuals measure their total value creation (mutual value) through a set of common dimensions and shared language. The Mutual Value Measurement Framework© is used across industries and by cooperatives and mutuals of different sizes. 

      AGRiP partnered with the following organizations for Measures That Matter:

      • Mutuo: A consulting firm that helps cooperatives and mutuals adopt and customize the MVM to their needs. Mutuo has worked closely with AGRiP to adapt the MVM for the risk pooling community and develop the 2023 residency.

      • The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM): The Australian peak body for cooperatives and mutuals, which are member owned businesses. BCCM is licensing the MVM for AGRiP use and adaptation.

      • Monash University’s Business School: The research partner of BCCM in the development of the MVM. Monash University will provide additional support and insight to the 2023 residency.