Knowledge Silo Matrix Exercise

The Knowledge Silo Matrix Exercise will help you understand and address your pool’s skill gaps and talent risks.

NOTE: If you haven’t taken part in the Big Picture Project, we recommend completing it before starting this exercise. See our Succession Planning Residency page for a broader overview of the process.

Steps for Pool Executives

  1. Download the Knowledge Silo Matrix template.
  1. Review the instructions on the first tab and fill out your matrix — including your action plan to address your pool’s most critical talent risks.
  1. For guidance to complete and use the matrix, watch our three tutorial videos. We demonstrate how to use the template, answer common questions, and give out “homework” that will walk you through completing your matrix in three logical steps.

    Additional Resources

    Once you’ve completed the steps above, we recommend you:

    • Review this guide to learn how you can use your matrix to support your pool.
    • Read our recent issue of Intelligence. It explains what a good knowledge transfer program looks like, discusses common misconceptions about knowledge transfer, and explores real-world knowledge transfer situations.

      KSM Videos

      KSM Tutorial Video 1: Introducing the Knowledge Silo Matrix

      KSM Tutorial Video 2: Assigning Colors and Assessing Risk  

      KSM Tutorial Video 3: Action Plan and Alignment

      AGRiP Presentations

      Executive Succession Planning Tips for Pool Governing Bodies (June 2021 AGRiP webinar presented by Steve Trautman)

      Emergency Succession Planning (Aug. 2020 AGRiP webinar presented by Steve Trautman); see associated presentation slides

      Steve Trautman

      2020–21 Succession Planning Resident

      As Succession Planning Resident, Steve Trautman helps pools adequately plan for succession of key organizational leaders and transfer knowledge that’s critical to pool operations. To do this, Steve uses his experience as a talent risk management expert and his practical, data-driven ideas on knowledge transfer. Steve is the principal and founder of The Steve Trautman Co. and has written three books, including Do You Have Who It Takes? Managing Talent Risk in a High-Stakes Technical Workforce.