Inclusion Foresight

Inclusion Residency & Resources

Inclusion foresight resources provide the tools public entity pools and their members need to respond to the myriad of social dynamics surfacing within communities.

Emerging equity and inclusion perspectives will influence future public entity needs, claims, staffing and board compositions. Inclusion foresight materials can help pools be prepared with innovative risk management solutions, and develop a culture of goodwill that embraces diversity in hiring and board service.

Throughout 2019, Dr. Robin Hindsman Stacia will deliver conference content, a pool-specific inclusion toolkit, a short video series on inclusion as good governance, coaching on inclusion issues, and will author an issue of Intelligence.

The work that Dr. Stacia produces will be posted to this page, eNews, and to our social media channels throughout the year as it is developed.

Elevating Pool Governance Through Inclusivity: Defining Inclusivity
This short video from AGRiP Inclusion Resident Dr. Robin Hindsman Stacia introduces you and your governing body to governance inclusivity.

Inclusive Leadership Training for Pools Workbook

  • Understand the concepts, science and practices of inclusivity.
  • Become more self- aware and better able to use cognitive and demographic diversity to support your pool.
  • Respect the benefits that inclusion brings to a pool.
  • Explore governance strategies and tools that will support increased inclusion.
  • Create an inclusivity plan that will address your pool’s unique considerations.

Webinar Series: Elevating Board Performance
A two-part webinar series designed to help attendees understand and apply inclusive governance practices. The first session will anchor attendees to the definitions and science. The second session will ground attendees in key actions and steps to take to enhance board governance. 

This series is a good starting point for pool leaders and staff to take as a team. It also is a valuable precursor for those planning to attend the 2019 CEO and Senior Staff Institute.

Intelligence: Elevating Pool Governance Through Inclusivity
Understanding and implementing measures to address cognitive and demographic diversity on a pool governing body can improve decisions and overall performance. In Elevating pool governance through inclusivity, 2019 Inclusion Resident Dr. Robin Stacia introduces governance inclusivity concepts and provides implementation ideas for pools.

Board Composition and Recruitment: Why?
Delivered at the 2019 Governance & Leadership Conference, this presentation was designed to help pool executives and governing boards understand how multitudes of perspectives will impact pool governing body composition and decision-making, underlying public entity functions and claims, and pool staffing.

Board Composition and Recruitment: How?
Delivered at the 2019 Governance & Leadership Conference, this presentation urged pool executives and boards to consider why it is important to bring a diversity of thoughts and perspectives to a governing body and to learn about methods and tools that can help build a team that will deliver innovation and results.

Dr. Robin Hindsman Stacia

2019 Inclusion Resident

As Inclusion Resident, Dr. Robin Hindsman Stacia uses her specialized diversity, equity and inclusion training to help AGRiP members strengthen board and organizational performance. A past AGRiP conference speaker, Robin is versed in issues related to public entity pooling. She is the CEO and Principal Consultant of Sage Consulting Network, Inc., a Senior Governance Consultant with BoardSource and a Licensed Consultant for the Standards for Excellence®.