Digital Transformation Residency and Resources

Digital Transformation Residency and Resources

Digital transformation is the ongoing, world-changing integration of people and technology. This optimization process will forever change organizations, society and individuals — the pooling community included.

Throughout 2022, Digital Transformation Resident Scott Klososky will work with AGRiP member pools to help them advance their learning in and capabilities for digital strategy and leadership.

  • Be introduced to the concept of digital transformation and specific areas of pool best practice (i.e., “digital proficiencies”) through a January issue of Intelligence and a Governance Conference keynote in March.
  • Learn the top digital transformation risks and opportunities for pools. We will collaboratively explore these with a select group of pool leaders and produce a report in February. Scott will also present these risks and opportunities in his Governance Conference keynote.
  • Discuss issues relating to digital transformation in Office Hours. Each of these open Zoom calls features a brief topical overview with Scott followed by open conversation. Contact Steve Keller for call credentials. Dates are as follows (all 2 p.m. ET):
    • Defining Digital Transformation (Jan. 21)
    • Digital Transformation Risks and Opportunities (Feb. 18)
    • What a Digital Roadmap Is and Why It Is Important (April 22)
    • Lessons from Pool Digital Roadmapping (Sept. 9)
    • The Transformation Skills and Competencies No Pool Should Be Without (Dec. 9)
  • Engage in hands-on work to create a pool digital strategy roadmap. This roadmap isn’t just a list of upgrades; it’s a strategy that defines strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Detailed, guided work at the (executive-only) CEO Institute in August will provide pools the framework and DIY resources for roadmapping as well as time to begin building their own roadmaps. 
  • Gain insight about digital transformation leadership and team competencies in a Fall Forum 2022 education session and a second issue of Intelligence.

    Residency resources will help pools cement a long-term legacy — as well as meet current expectations around technology and digital innovation. 

    Direct questions about the residency to Steve Keller.

    Scott Klososky

    2022 Digital Transformation Resident

    As Digital Transformation Resident, Scott Klososky helps pools advance their learning in and capabilities for digital strategy and leadership. In addition to 15 years of consulting work through Future Point of View, Scott is the founder of numerous successful technology startup companies. He describes himself as a “hybrid of a technologist and humanist who strives to find a hopeful future in blending the two.”