Compensation and Benefits Analysis

Compensation and Benefits Analysis

The biennial Compensation and Benefits Analysis is the only source of salary and benefits data specifically for top pool executives. Salaries are analyzed by pool factors such as geography, contribution and staff size, organizational structure and lines of coverage, as well as by individual demographics of top executives.

See highlights from the 2023 analysis (the full analysis with details is only provided to participating pools).

    Participants should be prepared to answer questions about:
    • Experience and tenure

    • Employment structure

    • Salary and bonuses

    • Retirement savings accounts and pensions

    • Health insurance and other benefits offered

    • Paid time off

    Why Participate?

    • The analysis identifies predictive and influential factors in compensation, and defines the financial impact of highly predictive variables. Over a dozen variables are analyzed for their predictive influence on top executive salaries.

    • This is the only source of comparable compensation data for the unique role of top pool executive, available exclusively to top executives and pool governing bodies.   

    • The analysis reflects all top executive employment relationships, including those employed directly by a pool, an association, or by a private pool administration company. Information provided by pools is held in complete confidence, with measures to ensure data cannot be identified by pool or individual.

    • Pools must participate in the survey to gain access to full results.

    • Participating pools also have access through AGRiP to compensation comparison information for their staff positions, compiled by the Economic Research Institute (ERI). ERI is a nationwide salary database providing job description and salary information, customized to geographic region and zip code.


    For more information on the Compensation and Benefits Analysis, contact Devereaux Morkunas.