CEO Institute 2024

CEO Institute 2024 is August 4-7 in Saint Louis in Ballpark Village, the hub of all things St. Louis Cardinals with Busch Stadium just across the street. 

This year's topic will be the 2024 Conscious Culture Residency.

Registration is available only to AGRiP member pools and will open in May.

CEO Institute is a small, conversational and hands-on learning event for the top executive and senior staff of AGRiP member pools. It gives leaders time to openly share ideas, learn from one another, and deepen peer-to-peer relationships. Pool governing body members and service providers do not attend CEO Institute. 

Top pool executives will:

  • Be in an intimate, friendly environment without  pool governing body members or service providers.

  • Form trusted working relationships with other executives. 

  • Learn about and work on timely issues fundamentally important to and/or driving change in public entity pooling.

Who Should Attend

The program is designed for top pool executives and/or their senior leadership (or designee).

Registration is not open to service providers or governing body members.


CEO Institute includes formal and informal networking opportunities so attendees can build their professional network.

Dinner and Drinks on Busch Field (Monday)

Home of the St. Louis Cardinals: Attendees will enjoy an exclusive experience at the Major League Baseball home of the St. Louis Cardinals. Happy hour, dinner and a tour of the stadium are part of this memorable evening.

A cash bar will be in the field dugouts, where Cardinal greats take their breaks,.

Dinner will be on the Warning Track, the area between the field and stadium, with 360 views of the stadium and the St. Louis skyline, including the Gateway Arch.


More details will be available on the program in April.

This year's program will focus on Conscious Culture. Building a culture consciously requires you to think about culture as more than just a feeling, acknowledging it as an operating system that drives results. It also requires an honest assessment of your pool’s current culture, reconsideration of whether continuing as-is (or returning to how things “used to be”) is truly ideal and a conscious decision about what culture is best for your team.

Throughout the year, you have opportunity to explore:

  • Your current culture norms, patterns and their impact.

  • Eight culture markers and the dominant patterns observed across organizations and within pooling.

  • The culture you want (and need) to build.

  • Your own culture priorities that are clear about what is valued in your pool and why.

  • Action planning to implement your ideas and conscious culture goals.

2024 Conscious Culture Residency helps pools understand the hidden patterns impacting their people and performance. A pool’s culture can be understood using eight core markers, all of which will be explored in our 2024 work. 

  • Agility

  • Collaboration

  • Transparency

  • Innovation

  • Solutions

  • Digital

  • Growth

  • Inclusion

As part of the residency member pools can participate in a comprehensive assessment to help pinpoint culture patterns that could be holding you back.
Access this valuable resource for insights that will change the way you work for free.

Pools that are planning to send staff to CEO Institute are highly encouraged to implement the assessment now. CEO Institute attendees will leverage their pool’s assessment results to develop a plan to consciously build the best version of their pool’s culture. 

Contact Devereaux Morkunas for more information on the residency or to engage the assessment for your team.