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Renew Your Pool’s AGRiP Membership for 2023


As a relatively small and niche association, AGRiP is singularly committed to the values and spirit of pooling. We are an association of more than 200 pools, delivering programs and services that include education, best practices, industry intelligence, networking and advocacy. 

All AGRiP members renew on January 1. When you renew your commitment to AGRiP, your entire staff and governing body have access to resources they need to meet the obligations of the pool and expectations of its membership. Furthermore, your participation in AGRiP helps the community of pooling be more effective, collaborative and informed. 

Our dues increase for 2023 is 15 percent, which is a notable change. But our dues are low overall so the actual dollar amount of increase simply isn’t that much.

With renewal invoices going out this week, now’s a good time to review some important details about AGRiP dues:

  • The majority of our total dues income is from pools, with the balance coming primarily from QEI Patrons. 
  • Dues are based upon pool assets. An average-sized member pool participating in AGRiP has over $120 million in assets. Most pools pay our regular dues rate, with average annual dues of $5,300 for 2023.
  • Thirty-eight member pools pay our maximum dues, which are capped at $15,000. Pools that pay maximum dues have an average of $350 million in assets. 

A dues rate increase is necessary because as experienced by most organizations, AGRiP’s costs have significantly increased. In addition,
AGRiP has made — and will continue to make — important investments into the future of pooling with online learning through Pooling Academy, more advanced financial and compensation analytics, one-of-a-kind residencies, and experienced staff available to guide pools of all varieties and sizes. 

If you have any questions about your AGRiP renewal or membership, please be sure to let us know. Contact Joanne Bisquera or Executive Director Ann Gergen.