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Pooling Community COVID-19 Resource Center


AGRiP is compiling a list of resources to help the pooling community be as effective as possible in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Use these resources to improve your own pool’s COVID-19 operations, assist member entities responding to the virus, or message members regarding applicable coverage.

The items listed below include:

  1. AGRiP resources for COVID-19 response
  2. Vaccination considerations for pools and public entities
  3. Remote work resources and communications produced by pools, QEI Patrons and others
  4. Risk management advice for public entities offered by pools and QEI Patrons
  5. Claims and coverage information for pools
  6. Information on the applicability of coverage to COVID-19
  7. Event cancellation communications from pools, AGRiP and others
  8. Investment resources useful to pools produced by QEI Patrons 
  9. News and analysis related to the impacts of COVID-19 on pools and public entities
  10. Other general information resources related to COVID-19
  11. Resource hubs designed by pools and QEI Patrons

Health pools in particular may wish to look at:

  • Interviews with QEI Patrons on:
      • Health coverage continuity, plan subscribers deferring care, using data aggregation to inform members, and utilizing AI and telehealth to help find faster and better care (watch video or read transcript featuring Sherri Bockhorst of CEO-level Patron Businessolver)


    NOTE: This page will be updated regularly as resources become available. (Last updated Aug. 5, 2021.)



    Perspective Posts

    Executive Director Ann Gergen is posting her thoughts on the COVID-19 challenges AGRiP members are experiencing and related trends to monitor, including:

    • Whether certain pandemic-related pressures could be “weak signals” of unrest that pools should pay attention to as well as a few possible ways policing might change in response to recent events (June 1 post)
    • What benefit pools have learned about COVID-19’s effect on the local public sector and the pooling community as a whole (May 27 post)
    • Making and communicating COVID-19 pooling decisions within a member service mindset (May 18 post)
    • Engaging the fundamental changes brought about by COVID-19 rather than expecting a return to an obsolete sense of normal (May 11 post)
    • Potential impacts to pools of a likely greater second COVID-19 wave in the fall (May 4 post) 
    • Changes to claims volume, reinsurance renewal rates and terms, new work comp presumptions, and public entity fiscal health (April 20 post)
    • Liability limitations, federal backstops, and new service and product proposals (April 13 post)
    • Aggregation of claims and occurrence language, new COVID-19 work comp presumptions, public entities’ fiscal struggles, and difficult pool staffing decisions (April 6 post)

    Memorandums on Government Responses

    AGRiP is reporting on the unique potential impact to pools (and, in Canada, reciprocals) of legislative, regulatory and other government responses to COVID-19.

    • This memorandum (UPDATED JULY 23) analyzes recent developments at the federal and provincial levels in Canada.
    • This memorandum analyzes the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act passed (only) by the U.S. House of Representatives. Among other impacts, it would:
        • Extend and expand virus-related sick and family leave
        • Allow for carryovers of certain employee benefits
        • Finance hazard pay for essential workers
        • Establish a presumption that public safety officers who die or are disabled because of COVID-19 are eligible to receive disability and death benefits
        • Provide aid to state and local governments
      • This memorandum analyzes the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (signed March 27).
      • This memorandum analyzes the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act (signed March 6) and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (signed March 18).

      Video Series: COVID-19 Issues for Pools 

      We’ve launched a video series featuring some of our highest-level QEI Patrons. Watch to broaden your perspective about the COVID-19 challenges public entities and pools are already facing (or are likely to face). Topics include:

      • Tax revenues, remote client services, future foresight, and communication and critical thinking skills (watch video or read transcript featuring Jon Paulsen and Kristin Smolek of Legacy-level Patron Sedgwick)
      • Health coverage continuity, plan subscribers deferring care, using data aggregation to inform members, and utilizing AI and telehealth to help find faster and better care (watch video or read transcript featuring Sherri Bockhorst of CEO-level Patron Businessolver)
      •  (watch video or read transcript featuring John Stephens of CEO-level Patron Keenan)
      •  (watch video or read transcript featuring Kevin Williams of CEO-level Patron Genesis)

      COVID-19 Webinar

      On April 1, 2020, AGRiP held a webinar on planning for COVID-19’s impact on pools (led by Rebecca Ryan, AGRiP’s 2017 Resident Futurist).

      Additional AGRiP Resources

      • Use the Cybrary to perform a targeted search of materials from member pools, associations, leagues and other groups. The Cybrary is accessible to any member with an AGRiP login.
      • Log in to the Discussion Forums to engage in pool-to-pool collaboration. Share your own resources and discuss your COVID-19 questions with your peers.
      • A recent issue of Intelligence presents case studies in COVID-19 crisis management from three AGRiP members: the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance (SDPAA), the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) and SchoolCare.


      • Guidance relating to workplace vaccinations from CIRMA, MCIT and NDIRF


      Operational Guidelines and Resources for Pools

      Pool Messaging to Members

      • Operations FAQ (Arizona School Risk Retention Trust & Arizona School Alliance for Workers' Compensation)

      Information from QEI Patrons

          Other Useful Resources

          NOTE: Some of these links might include marketing references to software tools or other proprietary resources. It’s not AGRiP’s intent to endorse a service, tool or service provider. Rather, we believe there’s value for pools in these materials irrespective of any marketing messaging.


          Reopening Resources

          Guidelines and Protocols

          Training and Resources

          • COVID-specific training videos (VP-level QEI Patron Pinnacle Actuarial Resources Inc.; membership to their Local Gov Risk Academy required to access)

          Member-Only Pool Programs

          • Online training courses on topics including information about COVID-19, precautions and prevention techniques, and pandemic planning (CJPIA)


          Health Pool Coverage and Benefits

          Due to COVID-19, several health pools are providing new or expanded coverage and benefits to members, including:

          • No-cost COVID-19 testing at approved providers 
          • In- and out-of-network COVID-19 coverage
          • Mental health resources like online screening and 24/7 emotional support lines
          • Early and/or mail-order prescription refills
          • COVID-19 helplines and nurse lines

          For pool-specific details and related messaging, visit coverage resource pages provided by health pools like:

          • MIIA (through Blue Cross Blue Shield)
          • KLC Health Insurance (specifically for telehealth)

          Health pools (see ASCIP) may also be providing guidance to members after the IRS announced it will allow temporary changes to section 125 cafeteria plans, including: 

            • An extended claims period for health flexible spending arrangements (FSAs) and dependent care assistance programs.
            • The ability to make mid-year changes for health coverage, health FSAs, and dependent care assistance programs.
            • The ability to apply earlier relief for high-deductible health plans to cover expenses related to COVID-19.
            • A temporary exemption for telehealth services retroactively to Jan. 1, 2020.
            • An increased limit for unused health FSA carryover amounts (from $500 up to $550, as adjusted annually for inflation).

            CJPIA is providing members guidance on potential benefits and leave considerations arising from various COVID-related situations under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

            In addition, CEO-level QEI Patron Businessolver is producing
            weekly data reports on COVID-19’s impact on medical benefits.

            Liability Considerations

            • New York State has implemented liability protections for volunteer and paid health care professionals, including emergency service providers, for issues resulting from treating individuals with COVID-19. 

            Pricing and Membership Communications

            Additional Analysis

                • Virtual Valuations: Collect Data and Value Properties Without Being Onsite (video and slides)
                • Data Management: How to Analyze and Audit Your Statement of Property Values  (video and slides)
                • Get Technical: Change the Game With Property Risk Management Software (video and slides)


              Pool Communications to Members

                Workers’ Compensation Presumptions and Expansions

                Several states have expanded workers’ compensation coverage or a presumption in response to the pandemic:

                Other Information

                  • NCCI is tracking all workers compensation–related bills on the state and federal levels (related and unrelated to COVID-19).


                  INVESTMENT PRACTICES

                  NEWS AND ANALYSIS

                  OTHER INFORMATION

                  • SIA and PRISM member communications relating to California’s new COVID paid sick leave law
                    • The Utah Leads Together Plan aims to provide Utah businesses and residents with clarity and specifics about the state’s plan for a public health and economic recovery.
                    • SSRNCoronavirus and Infectious Disease Research page provides a curated view into the early-stage COVID-19 research to help researchers, public health authorities, clinicians and the public understand, contain and manage the disease.
                    • FEMA’s Coronavirus Response Page links out to news, fact sheets, best practices and rumor control guidance related to COVID-19.
                    • CaliforniaLabor & Workforce Development Agency manages a COVID-19 resource page with workplace safety and health guidance as well as other resources.

                    RESOURCE HUBS

                    Pool Resource Hubs

                    A large number of pools and sponsoring associations are maintaining COVID-19 resource hubs for their member entities.

                    • ACCG (includes official orders and guidance)
                    • ASCIP (includes risk alerts, response plans and possible funding sources for members)
                    • CIRMA (includes claims, coverage and risk management information)
                    • California JPIA (includes information on employment issues, safety guidance and insurance coverage)

                    • CSD Pool (includes programs, white papers and external resources)

                    • CSJPA (includes best practices, bulletins and official recommendations)
                    • CVMIC (includes general and department-specific resources)
                    • DVT (includes member resources, risk alerts and other updates)
                    • IRMA (includes official guidance, risk management suggestions, and law enforcement resources)
                    • LMC (FAQ regarding city employment issues)
                    • MMRMA (includes operations updates and risk management information)

                    • Public Entity Partners (includes COVID-19 guidance and links to official orders)
                    • NBSIA (includes resources for schools and responses to common member questions)
                    • NJ MEL (includes communications to members, safety bulletins and briefings, and links to official resources)
                    • VRSA (includes department-specific guidance, risk assessment tools and communications considerations)

                    QEI Patrons with Resource Hubs