Updates to AGRiP Operations and Priorities


Updated June 19.

AGRiP has made several operational adjustments and shifted priorities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Below is a summary of the most important changes and how they will impact members.

  • CEO Institute 2020 is canceled. It is unclear whether physical distancing and other safety restrictions will be lifted in time for the conference. In addition, we recognize there will be a significant backlog of work for pool executives having just managed through COVID-19 response (or still managing through it).

    UPDATE: Pool CEOs and senior staff are invited to CEO Virtual Institute, an online event for pooling leaders to collaborate on COVID-19 and other issues currently shaping the industry. This event will take place Aug. 4 and 5.

  • We have made no decision regarding Fall Forum. We will continue to monitor travel news and health recommendations to decide by July 1 (at the latest) how and whether to proceed with the conference. Please direct any conference or event questions to Stephanie Weiss.

  • The Compensation and Benefits Analysis for pool executives will not be conducted in 2020. Because some pools may be impacted by important operational and staffing decisions this year, we’ll wait to perform the analysis in 2021 or wait until the next biennial cycle in 2022.

  • We have suspended review of new AGRiP Recognition applications until at least July. This is to give our volunteer Membership Practices Committee (MPC) members the ability to prioritize their pools’ operations. 

    You may continue to work on your pool’s application, but the MPC will not review new submissions until later this year. For questions about the application process or timing, contact Joanne Kerrigan

  • Pooling Academy development is continuing as planned. Online education is more important now than ever, so we’re continuing work with our partners to develop robust web-based training for pooling professionals. However, some production goals may be delayed.

  • We have temporarily suspended all member invoicing for dues. To reduce unnecessary distraction for our members, we’ve delayed all billing until later in the year. We have not determined a date to reinstitute invoicing but will do so when it makes sense based upon member priorities. For questions about your organization’s AGRiP dues, contact Kristen Morris

These decisions are intended to help our members focus on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our primary goal is to provide useful, timely information and resources for member pools specific to their COVID-19 operations and needs. 

Contact us if you have questions about the above or if there is any way AGRiP can support your pool’s COVID-19 response.