PERMA's targeted risk management interventions earn AGRiP's Award for Excellence in Performance


The AGRiP Board of Directors has selected 
Public Employer Risk Management Association, Inc. (PERMA) to receive the 2019 Award for Excellence in Performance.
In 2014, PERMA launched an analysis of decades of data to identify the largest claim drivers, and created a tailored team of risk management professionals to address primary lossareas among their membership. The risk management team developed six targeted interventions to address the highest claim drivers.

Interventions include training sessions to address some of the most costly types of claims filed by public safety personnel, and a pilot program to provide police officers with vests that reposition heavy equipment from the gun belt to the upper torso. Public works interventions address motor vehicle accidents, lifting manhole covers, and getting in and out of large vehicles. 

PERMA's data-driven efforts have impressive results. Efforts to address EMS and fire assists resulted in an average claim cost decrease of nearly 60 percent. A unique training created to reduce crossing guard injuries resulted in zero lost time claims since its inception. 

Data analysis tools, awareness efforts, technology and alternative techniques addressed by PERMA are all replicable by other pools. For information about PERMA's efforts, contact Vice President of Data Analytics Debbie Stickle.

The AGRiP Award for Excellence in Performance recognizes a pool for outstanding programs or services, particularly when the program can be easily replicated by others in the industry. PERMA received its award during the 2019 Governance & Leadership Conference in St. Louis.