AGRiP CEO and Senior Staff Institute

Starts:  Aug 4, 2019 5:00 PM (ET)
Ends:  Aug 7, 2019 12:00 PM (ET)
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Top pool executives can join peers at the CEO and Senior Staff Institute from Aug. 4-7. Executives will work to interpret and apply their unique leadership skills and pool practices in ways that will bolster performance and decision-making by governing bodies and management teams.

Aided by a toolkit designed just for pools, and with an eye on building inclusivity that speaks to process, not political correctness, attendees will:

  • Understand why groups that include people with varied backgrounds and experiences perform better.
  • Get tools needed to circumvent what is an inherent part of human nature: Bias and false associations.
  • Learn about commonalities and differences among pool executives.
  • Sketch out ways to foster conversations that bring divergent views together in productive manners.
  • Use a diversity matrix as a lens for looking at your governing body.
  • Consider generative governance strategies that are naturally enhanced by an inclusive governing body.
  • Translate what you learn into an action plan specific to your pool and that includes goals, barriers, and strategies.
  • Identify how to operationalize inclusion for your pool and devise specific measures for your progress.
  • Discuss how to share your thoughts and plans with your staff and governing body.

The CEO Institute, held in Grand Rapids, MI, is designed to be a small, conversational event that provides top pool staff time to openly share ideas, learn from one another, and deepen peer-to-peer relationships. There are no service providers or governing board members at the CEO Institute. Come ready to collaborate and energize the power of pooling with your executive-level peers.

Speakers include AGRiP Inclusion Resident Dr. Robin Hindsman Stacia, an expert in board governance and performance and Frank Martinelli, an expert in generative governance. Additional presenters and pooling panelists will buffer primary content and assure this learning experience is one-of-a-kind for pool executives.

See the preliminary schedule.

Offsite Conference Activities
Two offsite events are included in conference registration and showcase the city and entertainment district:

  • Sunday Welcome Reception at JDek. The JDek is a unique contemporary outdoor venue that boasts scenic views of the Grand River and its many bridges. Enjoy an evening with live music heavy hors d’oeuvres featuring local flavors.
  • Monday Dinner, Arcade Fever and Trivia Night. On Monday, attendees will enjoy a dinner at Grand Rapids Brewing Co. that spotlights local flavors and have time to play free, retro arcade games and trivia.

Registration Fees
Registration is $825 for AGRiP pool members through July 15, after which registration is $925.

Guest registration options are available for attendee travel companions, determined on the basis of covering all related food costs. Guests must be registered in order to attend meal(s) and social events. Guests are not eligible to attend educational programming. Guest rates are:

  • Sunday Welcome Reception at JDek: $100
  • Monday Dinner, Arcade Fever and Trivia at Grand Rapids Brewing Co.: $75
  • Sunday Welcome Reception at JDek and Monday Dinner, Arcade Fever and Trivia at Grand Rapids Brewing Co.: $175
  • All Breakfasts (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday): $105
  • Monday Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Offsite Dinner and Games): $150
  • Tuesday Meals (Breakfast, Lunch): $75
  • Full Guest (All Meals, Sunday Welcome Reception at JDek, and Monday Offsite Dinner and Games): $360

View the AGRiP Conference Registration Policies for more information on registration cancellation practices.

Hotel Reservations
After you register, you immediately will receive a web link to information to make hotel reservations at the historic Amway Grand Plaza. You also will receive a registration confirmation email with information to make reservations. If you make reservations outside this process, AGRiP will be unable to help with any issues you might face.

The Amway Grand Plaza Hotel offers sleeping rooms ranging in size and amenities, with sleeping rooms in the AGRiP block at $199 per night (while available and prior to tax and service fees).

Things to Do
Arrive on Sunday or stay an extra night to make the most of your visit to this trend-setting, growing city on the Grand River. Take time to visit the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, become a “brewsader” in Beer City USA, admire the Frederik Meijer Sculpture Garden, or take part in one or more of these compelling adventures.


Amway Grand Plaza Hotel
187 Monroe Avenue NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503