AGRiP Webinar: Understanding Key Actuarial Concepts

When:  Jul 16, 2024 from 14:00 to 15:00 (ET)

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Who Should Attend

  • New staff and governing body members

  • Experienced governing body members or staff who need a refresher

Join this webinar to get a better understanding of actuarial reports, what they say and what goes into developing them. Using pool data, unique risk drivers and trends, and projections of future conditions likely to impact fiscal health, actuaries tell a unique story about your pool. This enables richer discussions and better decisions that support long-term pool financial strength and stability.

Attendees will hear about:

  • The role of an actuary — what they do (and don't).

  • Key actuarial concepts, including loss history, risk profile and tolerance, funding levels and capital adequacy.

  • What actuaries need from pool staff and governing body members to provide a meaningful assessment of a pool's current and future financial position.