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Pooling Basics Will Support Your Governing Body


At a recent peer forum meeting, two pool executives shared stories about how many new people they have on their governing bodies — and how quickly their governing bodies are turning over. One executive said she had a board member who came to only one pool meeting before announcing he had taken a new job and was leaving his city (and the pool).

Here’s how to quickly get new governing body members up to speed, support deep conversations and strengthen shared purpose: 

  1. Subscribe your entire governing body to Pooling Basics.

  1. Have governing body members complete one course per month, online and independently. 

  1. Talk for 20 minutes at each pool board meeting about how your pool performs in relation to content covered in the courses they took. 

This approach supports group discussions and connections with your pool’s own experts, providing context to help your governing body more deeply appreciate your pool’s operations. 

Pooling Basics is part of Pooling Academy, an online learning platform offered by AGRiP in partnership with CAJPA and NLC-RISC. Content is appropriate for governing body members at all experience levels and provides clear, comprehensive information in an engaging, interactive format.