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Resources from Governance Conference 2024


Results from our post-conference survey show 100 percent of respondents believe Governance Conference was a good use of their time. Whether or not you were one of the 850 attendees who joined us in Nashville last week, here are a few useful follow-ups:

  • Opening keynote speaker Jay Baer kicked off the conference encouraging us to embrace complaints and solve problems faster and with more empathy than ever before. If you want more from Jay Baer, all AGRiP members can access Build a Better Member Experience for free through Pooling Academy. Contact AGRiP to have a Pooling Academy account set up and to get access to this course.

  • AGRiP’s 2024 Resident Jamie Notter got us all thinking about workplace culture and what it means to see your pool’s culture as an organizational system that can be managed. Engage with AGRiP’s Conscious Culture residency throughout the year to learn more from Jamie and his specialized resources.

  • Conference attendees can access written materials and handouts from more than 30 sessions in the conference app

As always, we thank you for your time, attention and contributions to Governance Conference 2024 and the pooling community.