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Understand Eight Markers of Your Pool’s Culture


AGRiP’s 2024 Conscious Culture Residency helps pools understand the hidden patterns impacting their people and performance. A pool’s culture can be understood using eight core markers, all of which will be explored in our 2024 work.

  • Agility

  • Collaboration

  • Transparency

  • Innovation

  • Solutions

  • Digital

  • Growth

  • Inclusion

Remember, as part of the residency member pools can participate in a comprehensive assessment to help pinpoint culture patterns that could be holding you back. Access this valuable resource for insights that will change the way you work for free. 

Pools that are planning to send staff to CEO Institute are highly encouraged to implement the assessment now. CEO Institute attendees will leverage their pool’s assessment results to develop a plan to consciously build the best version of their pool’s culture. 

Contact Devereaux Morkunas for more information on the residency or to engage the assessment for your team.