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What's Ahead For 2023: A Message From Executive Director Ann Gergen


What's Ahead for 2023

AGRiP has actively engaged in annual strategic planning and goal-setting since our start in 1998. Just like our member organizations, we experienced quickly changing priorities during the pandemic that caused us to become more tactical in the short term and to reexamine some long-held assumptions for the long term.

In recognition of industry influences and a continued need for rapid adaptation, the AGRiP Board of Directors has set forward an incredibly powerful set of strategic goals for 2023. This year, AGRiP will:

  1. React in measured (not knee-jerk) fashion to changes
  2. Experiment
  3. Be highly visible and accessible to help members

What do these three things mean, in practice?

First, we will respond to changing dynamics and member needs but we won’t rush to interpret a short-term demand as an ongoing trend. For example, we don’t yet know what the long-term future of industry education will look like. That’s why we’re increasing virtual education through Pooling Academy and more active peer group meetings, but also continuing to hold our historical, valued in-person conferences.

Second, we know that experimentation is a crucial response to uncertainty in any industry or organization. This is the perfect time to try new things! Some of our experiments will be awesome and become the new norm long into AGRiP’s future, and some of them might flop. Regardless, we will learn and lead through a spirit of innovation.

Finally, we’re going to spend more time with you. Every pool conversation helps us better understand your needs, and one of the most important things we do is help your pool better understand and validate the industry realities you face — and we love to be onsite with you. We routinely engage directly with pools to:

  • Attend governing body meetings to talk about changing market dynamics, pool membership trends, pool executive and staffing turnover, good governance practices, etc.
  • Present at annual member meetings or other pool events to explain the value of pooling and help public entities remain committed to pooled solutions
  • Participate in strategic planning exercises with staff and governing bodies
If we can support your pool directly, be sure to let us know.

Among all the industry changes taking place for AGRiP and our members as we move together into 2023, the power of pooling remains stronger and more relevant than ever. Thank you for the work you do in pooling and for your continued support of AGRiP. Happy new year!