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Join Other Pools at Governance Conference for Important Learning

The deadline to register and reserve your hotel room for Governance Conference 2023 is Monday, Feb. 13.
Governance Conference 2023

New and experienced governing body members, staff and leaders from your pool will benefit from spending time together and learning alongside their peers across the industry.
In addition to daily keynote speakers, roundtables for open sharing and networking opportunities, attendees will explore important and future-focused topics in:

--Identifying practices of an ineffective governing body (what not to do)
--Governing body roles and responsibilities during executive change
--Successfully implementing governance assessments to improve board effectiveness
--Why public conversations seem more challenging today and what it means for pool governance

--The impact of inflation, recession and general market volatility on pool financials
--Understanding your pool’s net position and what it means to your members

Law Enforcement
--Principles of active bystandership for law enforcement
--How to mitigate risk in law enforcement starting with recruitment

--Interpreting data about large (and growing) mediation, settlement and verdict values
--Creating defense litigation coalitions

Employee Benefit Programs and Pools
--Designing inclusive medical plans
--Creating benefit plans to help your members attract Generation Z to the workforce
--Adopting an entrepreneurial spirit in heath pool contracting and programming

Hot Topics
--How to build a better relationship with your reinsurers
--Using podcasts to address changing member communications needs

Visit our website to see more information on the program, pricing and hotel.