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Staff Forum Is Where Pool-to-Pool Collaboration Starts

The public entity pooling community is passionate about public service, innovation and collaborative solutions. Ensure your pool's team is engaged, working together to solve problems and prepared for the future of public entity risk by encouraging them to  (Oct. 2-4 in San Diego).

Staff Forum 2022

 with preliminary session descriptions and be sure to check out these highlights:

 Opening Day with QEI Patrons

 Arrive on Sunday to join  as they share insight, expertise and solutions in new “showcase” presentations. Participating top-tier QEI Patrons will deliver timely educational content on topics such as cyber risk, the evolution of risk financing, CAT modeling and climate change.

Sunday also includes a Welcome Reception at 4:30 p.m.

Two Full Days of Pool-Specific Learning on Topics Like:

  • Developing and presenting effective key performance indicators (KPIs) for your pool

  • Best practices for building tech vendor requirements

  • Understanding total risk management concepts for your pool’s own business operations

  • CISA resources available to public entities (and how your pool can capitalize on them)

  • Risk management resources for law enforcement liability

  • Ensuring your pool is an employer of choice in today’s employment environment

  • Building a pipeline of future pooling professionals

  • How a strategic futuring mindset can help your pool plan (including a session specifically focused on the future of healthcare, appropriate for employee benefit pools)

Tuesday Evening at the Ballpark

Be sure to join your colleagues for  where we’ll watch the San Diego Padres take on the San Francisco Giants.