Eight Pools Receive AGRiP Recognition


AGRiP’s Advisory Standards for Recognition are a set of regularly updated pooling best practices covering ten major elements of pool operations. We strongly encourage all pools to use the Advisory Standards to improve their governance, policies and procedures. 

Your pool may also choose to apply for AGRiP Recognition. Recognition is granted only after a thorough self-assessment of internal operations against the Advisory Standards (as well as a peer review of the same).

At Governance Conference 2020, seven AGRiP member pools were granted Recognition renewals: 

In addition, one pool received Recognition for the first time: the Montana Association of Counties Health Care Trust, a provider of health coverage to counties and county-related boards and districts.

Not all pools meet the high standards required for Recognition, so these organizations’ efforts deserve special acknowledgement. Each received a plaque at this year’s Governance Conference acknowledging their status.

Eight Pools Receive AGRiP Recognition at Governance Conference 2020

Twelve more pools are currently in the process of applying for Recognition. To join them, fill out an application using our
new online interface

The Membership Practices Committee (MPC) plays an important role in the Recognition process. In addition to reviewing Recognition applications, the committee regularly reviews and updates the Advisory Standards to ensure they remain applicable and relevant to the ever-changing pooling industry. 

Updates to the claims management and coverage standards (and a new set of underwriting standards) were released in January. In 2021, the MPC will release updates to the member relations, professional development and risk management standards.

The MPC is an excellent learning opportunity for pool staff with strong baseline knowledge to further develop familiarity with all aspects of public entity pooling. If you want to volunteer or suggest a new committee member, contact Joanne Kerrigan.