Senior Risk Analyst

Summary: The Washington Counties Risk Pool is recruiting for the position of Senior Risk Analyst (option to work remotely).

Posted Date:
 September 12, 2019

Job Location: Tumwater, WA (option to work remotely)
Job Type: Full-Time
Salary: $73,860 or higher depending on qualifications and experience

The Washington Counties Risk Pool is in search of an individual seasoned in property and liability risk management to fill our current Senior Risk Analyst vacancy. This person will work within the Risk Management Department of the WCRP and will provide senior-level risk management support to our member counties and our current staff, including WCRP’s Risk Analyst. The ideal candidate will be well-versed in contract language related to risk management, knowledgeable in risk management-related legal terminology, able to provide expert opinions and analysis of high-level risk questions, and participate in high-level strategy discussions with members and outside agencies and organizations, including other statewide and nationwide risk pools.

The WCRP’s Risk Management team provides a multitude of resources and support toward identifying and managing risk and reducing property and liability losses for our 26 member counties. The ideal candidate will have ample direct property and/or liability risk management experience, will be a motivated self-starter, an organized and efficient team player with exceptional communication skills, and is willing to travel throughout Washington State. This position will either be housed in the WCRP office located in Tumwater, or can be performed remotely from a home-office located within Washington State with occasional in-person meetings at the Tumwater office.

Along with the standard benefits available through employment with our organization, the WCRP also takes a professional level approach to employee management, with a result-oriented focus. With the necessary support from the administration, employees are treated as professionals who are responsible for their own success, to include creating and managing their work, travel and meeting schedules, taking initiative in identifying the work needing done and setting goals and overcoming obstacles. If you believe you can produce results, possess the knowledge, skills and experience needed to fill this role, and want to work for an organization that allows you to control your success, we want to hear from you.

Please visit the WCRP Employment page for a full job description and to apply!