Clinical Nurse Advocacy Program Wins Kairos Prestigious Industry Award


Kairos Health Arizona has been selected for a prestigious Award for Excellence in Performance by the Association of Governmental Risk Pools (AGRiP) for its innovative clinical nurse advocacy program, which helps address rising costs and complicated choices facing Kairos member employees.

Launched in August 2020, the program has already generated pool savings of $1.5 million and seen high levels of member satisfaction.

“Kairos’s vision is to create a world where its members have total peace of mind about their health care benefits,” said John Ashton, the pool’s executive director. The clinical advocacy program uses highly trained nurses to provide targeted outreach and support to covered employees and their families, helping them find the best, most cost-effective care and services. Employees appreciate the clarity and simplicity the program brings to what is sometimes an opaque and stress-inducing health care system. 

The innovative example set by Kairos can benefit other pools around the United States. “Pools can save money and improve health outcomes by building their own clinical nurse advocacy programs,” said Jon Shull, AGRiP Board President. “Kairos has laid the groundwork for a highly successful program that can be implemented by other pools.” 

AGRiP’s Award for Excellence in Performance is given to a public entity risk pool that has developed and implemented a creative, efficient and effective idea, approach or program — especially one that can be shared with or transferred to other pools. Kairos will receive its award on March 7 at AGRiP’s Governance Conference in New Orleans.