Senior Risk Control Specialist - Schools

Public Risk Innovation, Solutions, and Management’s (PRISM) is seeking an experienced risk control representative with a working knowledge of the school/education and general local municipality environment to join our team. This position provides a high level of customer service primarily to schools and related member entities. The senior specialist will act as a resource to staff and member entities. Providing technical information related to occupational safety, workers’ compensation and tort liability cost containment; and, risk management. This may include service plan development, stakeholder meetings, on-site safety/risk assessments, policy and program development, training program development and delivery and meeting presentations. Researches and develops best practices and model programs related to school and public agency exposures. Analyzes loss data and determines strategies to minimize a line of coverage or member entity exposure; and, formulates action plans that get positive results. The senior specialist will conduct special project research and analyses in order to provide resources for PRISM and/or member agencies. 

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