Sr. Underwriting Analyst - Public Risk Innovation, Solutions, and Management (CA/Hybrid)


Public Risk Innovation, Solutions, and Management (PRISM) is seeking a Sr. Underwriting Analyst. The ideal candidate will have a working knowledge of risk management and insurance pools, with a background in underwriting, risk management, claims, pool administration, or finance. The Senior Underwriting Analyst must have strong analytical abilities and moderate to advanced skills using Microsoft Excel.  The ideal Senior Underwriting Analyst will have a good understanding of how to read and interpret coverage documents to help determine how/if coverage applies.  They will also have a general knowledge of claims administration, setting of claim reserves and making payments, and how these factor into the underwriting and rate setting of new and renewal business.  The ideal candidate will also have a general understanding of basic actuarial concepts as they relate to rate setting, Incurred But Not Reported (IBNR) reserves, confidence levels, discount factors, outstanding liabilities, etc.  Lack of experience in these areas does not necessarily disqualify a candidate from the position as PRISM has had educational programs to help support our employees receive any necessary training. Candidates who display strong analytical experience and abilities, but lack familiarity or experience with insurance-related subject matter, will be considered.  

While this position is technical in nature and requires attention to detail, it also requires the Senior Underwriting Analyst to have strong communication and presentation skills.  The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, possess a strong work ethic, and demonstrative experience in being able to organize, prioritize, and execute key projects.  They will have a service-oriented disposition and a strong interest in being part of a team and collaborating with others. 

Visit PRISM's Career Center for further details on this position and to apply.

PRISM is seeking candidates who can fulfill this position through a hybrid work model.