General Counsel - TML Health Benefits Pool (TX)

TML Multistate Intergovernmental Employee Benefits Pool d/b/a TML Health Benefits Pool is seeking an attorney to serve as General Counsel to the Board of Trustees.  For the last several years, TML Health’s in-house head of the Legal Department has also served as the Board’s General Counsel.  However, that attorney recently retired, and the Board would like to separate these functions and have an outside attorney as the Board’s General Counsel.  The Pool is seeking qualified applicants for this role.

For further details on this position, please see full job description.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should submit a letter of interest outlining their qualifications, experience, and background along with a proposed fee structure.   Fees may be quoted on either monthly retainer or an hourly rate.   If quoting on a retainer basis, the proposal should clearly outline any types of services or consultations that are outside of the retainer and the hourly rate for those services.  

Please email your letter of interest no later than December 1, 2022 to TML Health’s Executive Director at

For more information or questions related to this engagement, please contact Jennifer Hoff at 512-650-0072 or