Pooling in Practice: How one risk pool turned around a troubled police department


For people in the pooling world, news of a pool making a big, positive impact in their community comes as no surprise. From taking action after a devastating wildfire to keeping our schools safe, making a difference is all in a day's work for public entity risk pools.

Now, the power of pooling has found a more public spotlight thanks to a recent story on NPR’s Planet Money, which recounts how the Irwindale PD came back from the brink of dissolution and is now thriving thanks to a plan of renewal created by their risk pool.


Keys to Success in Irwindale

  • A willing partner open to change in the guise of a new police chief
  • Putting a price tag on bad behavior
  • Creation of an uncompromising performance improvement plan
  • Issue guidelines that are more strict than the law

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