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Proposed Amendments to AGRiP Articles of Incorporation and Recommended Changes to AGRiP Bylaws

The AGRiP Board of Directors is proposing amendments and revisions to the organization’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Consistent with the requirements for amending these documents, the proposals have been reviewed by the Board of Directors and approved for member presentation and adoption.

Proposed changes will be voted on by Designated Representatives of AGRiP member pools at the 2015 Annual Membership Meeting on Tuesday, March 10. This meeting is being held in conjunction with AGRiP’s Spring Governance and Leadership Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Designated Representatives must approve the changes with a two-thirds vote of those present and voting at the meeting.

More information about the proposed changes is available here.

What is Public Sector Risk Pooling?

Public Entity Risk Pooling is the single most successful example of inter-local cooperation in North America and beyond, saving billions of taxpayer dollars and thousands of lives. Beginning in earnest some 30 years ago, it is a success story that grew organically from the inability and unwillingness of much of the traditional insurance industry to understand and address the changing risk dynamics of governmental entities. Today, AGRiP estimates that 80% of the cities, towns, schools, counties and special districts in the United States address some or all of their risk management and risk financing needs through these member-owned, member-governed, non-profit pools.

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Member Center

AGRiP provides an extensive portfolio of service offerings to its Pool, Affiliate and Partner members. Within the Member Center, members can gain insights on leading and managing their individual risk pools. Click on the link at the top of the screen to login and access the valuable tools and resources.

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