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Use and Regulation of Drones by Local Government Entities & Schools: Thoughts for Public Entity Pools

This white paper, produced by AGRiP and NLC-RISC, provides a starting context and outlines issues related to local government drone use and potential implications for public entity pools. It offers starting ideas for further consideration and evaluation by pools, including drone risks, the current legal and regulatory environment, drone ownership and operation, and coverage, underwriting, and loss control considerations.

What is Public Sector Risk Pooling?

Public Entity Risk Pooling is the single most successful example of inter-local cooperation in North America and beyond, saving billions of taxpayer dollars and thousands of lives. Beginning in earnest some 30 years ago, it is a success story that grew organically from the inability and unwillingness of much of the traditional insurance industry to understand and address the changing risk dynamics of governmental entities. Today, AGRiP estimates that 80% of the cities, towns, schools, counties and special districts in the United States address some or all of their risk management and risk financing needs through these member-owned, member-governed, non-profit pools.

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