WSRMP's new website focuses on the pool's 'why'

Finding and effectively communicating your pool's "why" message is well worth the effort, as Washington Schools Risk Management Pool (WSRMP) recently learned.
While working to update its website, WSRMP noticed a disconnect between its messaging and the messaging used by its member school districts. WSRMP member schools focused their own mission statements and messaging on providing a safe learning environment and quality education for their students; WSRMP's message focused more on coverage details and the pool, itself. The WSRMP staff and Board of Directors restructured the pool's mission and core messaging strategies to reflect the values of its members. They actively identified the "why" of WSRMP's existence, and began embedding it into all their work and their member messaging. 
The project was highlighted by AGRiP Board of Directors President Tom Barnes during opening comments at the 2017 Governance & Leadership Conference
"WSRMP's new mission, vision, motto and website all reflect their goal of partnering with members to create secure, effective, successful schools," Barnes said. "I encourage all pools to visit the WSRMP website and reflect upon their own purpose statements and member messaging."
WSRMP's revised website was launched in September. The reframing of pool messaging to focus on education and a safe learning environment for students has been important to pool operations and member relationships. 
"Creating more why-focused messaging has been very positive," Executive Director Deborah Callahan said. "Our mission and purpose is clear, and our staff and members are consistently on the same page about the value of our role in helping schools meet their ultimate goals."
Only some of WSRMP's messaging work is visible on its homepage, but the pool has done more work on members-only materials. To view a sample of the members-only materials, or learn more about WSRMP's process, contact Deborah Callahan.
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