Have a great idea to share? Get involved! AGRiP has committees and workgroups to support advocacy efforts, education, and other initiatives. Contact us if you want to learn more about any of these groups or think it would be useful to form another. 

AGRiP Health Pool Resource Group (AHPRG):  This group is focused on issues most pressing for health pools.  Recently, they have spent considerable time tracking and responding to pool-related challenges as the Affordable Care Act is implemented. The AHPRG brings expertise from pools and service providers together to guide AGRiP's work on employee benefits advocacy and education efforts. Member list.

Education Advisory Council (EAC): The EAC provides advice and resources to AGRiP in the execution of our evolving education strategy. The group is attractive to those who prefer not to commit to another meeting, because EAC input is provided mostly by using online tools! The group weighs in on pooling trends, disruptions, or other issues that might be appropriate for a conference presentation, webinars, certification programs, mentoring, and other learning activities. Individuals from member pools and QEI Patrons are welcome to participate. Member list.

General Counsel Peer Forum: A group of attorneys? Yes, please!  The Peer Forum provides time and space for pool general counsel to network and collaborate, sharing common questions alongside best practices.  There's an annual gathering of Peer Forum members in an open conversation format, and interim conversations by phone and email are encouraged. Participants include those employed by a pool and contracted attorneys. Member list. 

Membership Practices Committee (MPC): The MPC is a hard-working group that supports AGRiP's Advisory Standards for Recognition program. This group reviews and implements new Advisory Standards, suggests and writes sample materials, and provides peer review for Recognition applications by member pools seeking this distinction. There's a time commitment to MPC work, but also a rewarding appreciation for the full spectrum of pooling operations. Member list. 

Technology Peer Forum (TPF): If staying abreast of all of the technology changes that face public entity pools is important to you, the Technology Peer Forum will provide useful insight. The Technology Peer Forum brings together techies from all parts of pooling to learn about, evaluate, and share experiences as they consider new technology needs, platforms and trends. In this group, members will work together to find solutions and set the course for the future of technology in public entity pooling. Member list