AGRiP will hold Board elections Oct. 17-23


Designated Representatives of AGRiP regular member pools will have access to an electronic voting process from Tuesday, Oct. 17 through Monday, Oct. 23, to fill two, four-year positions on the AGRiP Board of Directors.

This second election is unusual, but necessary. No candidate in the first election received a majority vote, required by AGRiP bylaws and governance policies that follow Robert's Rules of Order.

Candidates to appear on the upcoming ballot include:

Robert's Rules of Order do not allow for a run-off voting procedure for top vote recipients in an election. Rather, the entire ballot must be resubmitted for another vote, unless a candidate voluntarily withdraws. From the initial eight candidates, four have voluntarily withdrawn to support the remaining candidates and a successful election to AGRiP's Board of Directors.

Elected candidates will begin their terms effective Jan. 1, 2018. If two candidates are not selected by majority vote, additional elections may be necessary. Contact Ann Gergen with questions.

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