Best Practice Guidelines

AGRiP's Advisory Standards for Recognition are best practice guidelines for a pool's internal review process. Using the Advisory Standards, pool staff can conduct a thorough evaluation of core operational procedures, considering updates or changes where appropriate. Accompanying materials will help organize pool policies and procedures for long-term success.

Upon a pool's completed internal review of Advisory Standards and an associated peer review process, AGRiP Recognition will be awarded for a three-year period.

Advisory Standards
Advisory Standards Application and Sample Policy Checklists
Service Providers Bill of Rights
AGRiP Model Code of Conduct

About one-third of our member pools have achieved AGRiP Recognition. Pools commonly use the Advisory Standards for Recognition process to:

  • Review the content and documentation of internal policies
  • Review current practices and procedures
  • Train up-and-coming pool leaders 
  • Facilitate collaboration among pool units, departments, or functions
  • Meet best practices standards developed by pooling peers
  • Provide governing pool boards with assurance that operational best practices are being met

The application fee for AGRiP Recognition is $750. 

California Pools: If your pool has achieved CAJPA’s Accreditation with Excellence, you are eligible to complete an abbreviated AGRiP application to receive AGRiP Recognition. In order to achieve AGRiP Recognition this way, you must apply to AGRiP within three months of achieving CAJPA’s Accreditation with Excellence. The fee for this accelerated application is $400.