Advisory Standards for Recognition reflect updated best practices


Pools applying for AGRiP Recognition in the coming year should carefully review the Advisory Standards, as several changes go into effect Jan. 1, 2018.

Updates to the Standards include:

  • Staffing/Service Provider Contracts: Staffing and Service Provider Standards have been separated. The Service Provider Contracts Standard now suggests a pool establish a contract policy for all agreements entered into on its behalf.
  • Business Continuity: This Standard has been rewritten to include more detail about recommended best practices, and five new business continuity considerations have been added. 
  • Data Security: This is a new Standard, created to address policies and procedures to protect data collected and maintained by pools.

Financial Management and Governance Standards have also been updated with modest changes. The Advisory Standards are reviewed and updated on an annual basis by AGRiP's Membership Practices Committee (MPC) to ensure Recognition includes current, industry-wide best practices. Pools should expect to encounter new Standards every time they apply for renewal.

For more information about the Recognition process or updated Advisory Standards, or other questions related to the process, contact Michelle Carter.

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