Live Sensemaking Panel (including Ann Gergen, Steve Craig and Rebecca Ryan)

When:  Jul 17, 2020 from 14:00 to 15:00 (ET)

"Sensemaking" is a core concept in strategic foresight, especially during turbulent times. Since COVID-19, this panel of local government nerds has met several times a week to share "weak signals" that they're picking up from their networks and to talk/work together to make sense of what's happening. They've correctly anticipated spikes in mental health trauma, political discord/anarchy, back-to-school debacles, and much more.

Now they've agreed to do one of their weekly sensemaking panels in front of a live audience.
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This event will include:

  • AGRiP Executive Director Ann Gergen
  • 2017 AGRiP Resident Futurist Rebecca Ryan
  • AGRiP Board Member and VRSA Managing Director Steve Craig

Here's how the sensemaking panel works:

Round 1: Mark, Ann, Charlie, Steve, and Rebecca take a turn to share signals that they've picked up on since the last meeting. (Bonus: we'll ask you what signals you've noticed in the last week.)

Round 2: Every participant responds to what's been said in an effort to connect the dots or provoke further inquiry.

As always, your input and questions will be honored. We hope this session will inspire you to create your own sensemaking panel for these turbulent times.