Updates to Pooling Best Practices: Claims Management, Coverage and Underwriting


AGRiP maintains comprehensive guidelines pools can use to review their governance, policies and operations: the Advisory Standards for Recognition. We recommend all pools refer to the Advisory Standards as a framework to regularly examine their practices and procedures.

Two of the standards have been updated and one new standard added to better reflect current industry best practices.

  • The claims management standards have an updated focus on data systems and litigation management practices.
  • The coverage standards include additions on documentation, regular legal review, change management and resolving disputes.
  • The new underwriting standards cover documentation of criteria, communication with members, agents and brokers, and data systems.

The Advisory Standards also contain guidance on member services, business continuity, service provider contracts and data security.

Pools applying for AGRiP Recognition must demonstrate compliance with all Advisory Standards. Recognition is a peer-reviewed self-audit that evaluates whether a pool’s operations align with best practices.

For more information on Recognition or the Advisory Standards, contact Joanne Kerrigan.