U.S. and Canadian Pools Face Similar Challenges


Several Canadian public entity reciprocals participate both in AGRiP and in the Canadian Association of Insurance Reciprocals (CAIR). Because cultivating opportunities for pool-to-pool learning can help pools prepare for future trends and needs, AGRiP routinely supports Canadian public entity reciprocals and training efforts through CAIR.

As evidenced by conversations at CAIR’s 2019 Annual Members Meeting in October, public entity risk pools in the U.S. and Canada face similar risk and operational issues:

  • The need to diversify services offered to members
  • Methods to simplify coverage documentation for members
  • Increasing frequency and severity of cyber threats to public entities
  • Pool governance and financial literacy training for pool governing bodies
  • Pressures on reinsurance availability and rates
  • Ideas to improve pool data management and data analytics
  • New methods to refresh pool strategic planning efforts
  • How to effectively define ownership of member equity

Whenever groups of pools meet to discuss challenges or opportunities, we’re reminded of the power of pool-to-pool sharing. Working together allows all pools to be more effective, collaborative and informed.