Dues Increasing in 2020


AGRiP dues are increasing across all membership types in 2020.

Pools pay dues based upon a rate factor applied to total assets plus a $750 flat fee. Effective on annual renewal dates after Jan. 1, 2020, the dues rate will increase by 10 percent. A pool’s effective dues increase will depend upon its own asset size and asset changes.

AGRiP’s largest pools (those with total assets in excess of about $155 million) will also be impacted by an increase in the maximum dues cap from about $7,700 to $11,500.

All other AGRiP members, including QEI Patrons and Partners, will also have increased dues in 2020.

Dues increases will support the totality of AGRiP member services, including but not limited to:

  • Our three yearly conferences, which provide in-depth pooling content and an environment to collaborate with peers
  • The Cybrary, a pool-focused search engine that helps you find information about how AGRiP member pools are handling challenges and communicating with their members on hot topics
  • The Financial Benchmarking Initiative (FBI), a newly introduced tool to compare your pool’s financial ratios with those of your counterparts
  • Our biennial Compensation & Benefits Analysis, which presents industry-wide data on executive-level salaries and benefits (and, for participating pools, customized compensation research into all job roles)
  • Online discussion forums that are home to pooling community conversations about shared issues and challenges
  • AGRiP Recognition, a set of best practice pooling standards
  • Pooling Academy, an upcoming online learning center for pooling newcomers and experienced professionals alike

We will provide additional information about dues changes via email. Contact Executive Director Ann Gergen if you have questions.