Five Pools Receive AGRiP Recognition


AGRiP Recognition is a rigorous self-audit process that helps verify a pool is operating according to industry best practices. Pools receiving this distinction must demonstrate compliance with AGRiP’s Advisory Standards for Recognition, a systematic guide for internal review of governance, policies and operations. 

The AGRiP Membership Practices Committee (MPC) regularly reviews applications and grants Recognition to those who meet these pooling benchmarks. At Fall Forum 2019, five member pools received Recognition: 

Five Pools Receive AGRiP Recognition at Fall Forum 2019

Not all pools meet the high standards required for Recognition, so these organizations’ efforts deserve special acknowledgement. Each received a plaque at this year’s Fall Forum certifying their status through 2022.

The MPC regularly reviews and updates the Advisory Standards to ensure they remain applicable and relevant to the ever-changing pooling industry. Updates to the Claims Management and Coverage Standards will be available on January 1, 2020. A new set of Underwriting Standards will also be introduced at that time.

You can apply for Recognition through our
new online interface. Even if your pool doesn’t plan to seek formal Recognition status, we strongly encourage you to use the Advisory Standards to improve your governance, policies and operations – thereby helping bolster the integrity of the pooling industry as a whole.