Online Learning

AGRiP produces and delivers at least four webinars annually to help members remain current on key operational areas, explore hot topics, and evaluate trends. Our webinars are offered real-time with opportunity to ask questions and interact with speakers, but we also make them available on-demand so you can review any topic of interest. Upcoming webinars. 

Investment and Economic Outlook for Public Entity Pools provides a look at key investment issues and challenges addressed by small and large pools alike; and includes a blind peer analysis of pooling clients across multiple portfolios, to help participants understand investment risk/reward profiles. Presentation materials

The Impact of Cyber Security, Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Tech on Local Government and Risk Pools looks at how smart tech and autonomous vehicles present new cyber-related impacts to public entities and pools, alike. Issues include public entity impacts of self-driving vehicles, shifts in member profiles and liability, insurance law and severity of auto claims, and data security impact public entities. Coverage documents, reinsurance, risk management cyber defenses, and reputational considerations are also addressed. Presentation materials

Preventing Employment Claims: Lessons from CIS' Hire to Retire Program discusses how Citycounty Insurance Services (CIS) in Oregon started to experience a rapid increase in employment claims and the development of their Hire to Retire (H2R) program, a targeted risk management program designed to help CIS members find and address the root cause of employment claims by supporting the entire employment lifecycle. Presentation materials.

Resetting Your Contribution Algorithm looks at how public entity pool rating formulas and underwriting guidelines evolve. The session guides viewers in when it is time to review your algorithm, how to manage risk characteristics and market conditions, set management objectives, and better understand outcomes. Presentation materials.

Next Generation Strategies for PBMs provides insight into the mechanisms for pools of pharmacy benefits management. This session shares information on PBM service components, financial structures, and more. Presentation materials.

The Age of the Multigenerational Workforce Generational theory is one of the powerful forces shaping public entity pooling operations -- for both pools and their members. This session explored why generational theory matters to pooling, how to recognize generational issues, and how to make the most of the differences between seasoned and new employees. Presentation materials.

State Sovereign Immunity & Tort Caps Sovereign immunity and tort caps have significant implications for public entity pooling -- pools without them can face substantial uncapped payouts, while pools with outdated limits may find themselves engaged in additional litigation. Presentation materials.

Creating Action-Based Child Abuse Prevention Plans Review specific steps pools can implement to help members create safer environments for children, including enacting child protection focused applicant screening processes and boundary policies for employees. Additional resource: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Assessment for Youth Programs

Public Entity Cybersecurity: Risks, Mitigation & Breach Response Identify more than a dozen areas of cybersecurity interest to pools using real-world examples as well as steps pools can take to reduce risk and respond to a cyber attack. Presentation slides.

Stewardship Reports for Boards Review tactics and best practices for creating an annual organizational stewardship report to keep your Board of Directors aware of the progress your pool has made on its strategies and goals.

Understanding cyber risks and how to confront them Review practical solutions to mitigate cyber risk that can be implemented both at your pool and among your members. Contact us to request a copy of the presentation slides.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for pools Review examples from pooling organizations that have embarked on the ERM journey and end with a better understanding of how ERM applies to pool and member operations, and ideas about how to take the next steps. Presentation slides.

The Risk Management Value of Anonymous Tip Lines Examine the value of a reporting platform that allows citizens to anonymously give information about a crime, potential threat, or similar incident without fear of retaliation. Presentation slides.

Investment and Economic Outlook for Public Entity Pools Webinar Review capital market performance through 2015 and look ahead to opportunities in 2016. Presentation slides.

Pool Board Governance Webinar Series 

Developing and Maintaining an Effective CEO/Board Partnership Explore the role of the pool administrator in developing an effective Board of Directors, clarify the respective roles of the CEO, Board Chair, and Board. Presentation slides and Resource Packet.

The Next Step: Moving to Generative Governance Introduction to generative thinking and concrete ways to apply this “Governance as Leadership” model in the work of your Board. Presentation slidesResource packet and Tools for Identifying Root Causes of Problems. 

Just-In-Time Pool Board Orientation Common Board responsibilities in policy development, strategic planning, and fiduciary duties. The Board’s role in fundamental pooling-specific matters such as actuarial analysis, claims and litigation, and risk management. Presentation Slides.

Could Our Pool Members Be the Target of a Police Practices Lawsuit? Overview of contemporary police force issues, and a few perennial challenges as well. Presentation slides.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) The accelerating unmanned aircraft industry, utilization and implications for pools and public entities. Presentation slides.

HIPAA Compliance Information about the new audit program, how to have compliant policies and procedures, and what specific areas of concern auditors will focus on. Presentation slidesPrivacy policies and procedures, and BYOD policies

What Works in Wellness, Real Results from Real Pools Stories from AGRiP member pools about the ways in which their wellness programs have evolved, their efforts to measure results, and their current approaches to developing and maintaining the programs. Presentation slides and Designing a Compliant Wellness Program.

Expected Changes in Public Entity Pooling Webinar Three facets that will likely reshape the business model of public entity pooling, including changing demographics, rapid technology advances, and continued fiscal austerity for local governments. Presentation slides and Expected Changes in Public Entity Pooling White Paper.

Implementation of the Affordable Care Act This webinar examines recent regulatory and legislative developments related to the Affordable Care Act. Presentation slides.