Webinar on cybersecurity for pools


Registration is now open for the May 16, 2017 webinar Public Entity Cybersecurity: Risks, Mitigation & Breach Response, which will begin at 2 p.m., Eastern time. Presenters Dominic Paluzzi and James J. Giszezak of McDonald Hopkins PLC will cover more than a dozen cybersecurity topics of interest to pools and real-world examples, including: 

  • Identifying and defining PII, PHI & PCI data
  • Defining "data breach"
  • Primary types of data breach and cyber claims
  • Lack of immunity for public entities
  • Costs of non-compliance
  • Regulatory compliance (state, federal and international requirements)
  • Credit card and PCI compliance
  • PII destruction and disposal laws and practices
  • Proactive policies, including incident response plan, written information security program (WISP), training, confidentiality agreements, and employee policie
  • Anatomy of a data breach and cyber claim (steps an entity must take once an incident is suspected)
  • Breach notification process, including coordination with forensics, crisis communication, mail house, call center, and credit monitoring vendors
  • Contractual negotiations with vendors.
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