Third election scheduled for AGRiP Board


A third election to fill one position on AGRiP's Board of Directors will be held Nov. 6-10, 2017. 

Designated Representatives from AGRiP member pools are eligible to vote in the upcoming election and will receive ballot information.

Only one candidate, Kirk Mylander, was elected to the AGRiP Board in the Oct. 17-23 election. No other candidate in the election received a majority number of votes. AGRiP bylaws and governance policies follow Robert's Rules of Order, which require candidates to receive a majority of votes cast to be elected.  

The third election will include two candidates, listed by vote count results from the prior election: 

45 votes - Jennifer Darnall 
43 votes - Jerry Spears 

AGRiP is fortunate to have robust interest in its strategic governance. Although multiple ballot cycles might seem unwieldy, AGRiP is committed to completing the current election under its established policies and historical practices. As AGRiP sets governance guidelines for the future, all election processes will be examined for possible improvements.

Contact Ann Gergen with questions.

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