Foresight Resources

AGRiP members are constantly looking ahead to identify trends, topics and issues that will have impact. We call this “foresight.”

AGRiP Residents provide foresight guidance and expertise by blending specialized knowledge with pool-specific details, to produce resources that foster practical planning and prudent, actionable steps.

Generational Foresight

Generational foresight resources teach pools how to prepare for a workplace and membership environment with multiple generations.

These materials will help pools recruit and retain valuable staffing resources, considering workplace and cultural changes necessary to continue successful operations.   Generational foresight can also help pools prepare for changes in membership needs and expectations, and claim patterns.  Finally, generational resources can be key to a pool recruiting the right balance of skills on its governing body.

About AGRiP’s Generational Resident: Kim Lear is a speaker, writer, strategist, and researcher who explores how emerging trends impact the future of our workforce. As AGRiP’s Generational Resident, Kim blends her ability to uncover cultural shifts that revolutionize how organizations engage employees with the principles of public entity pooling. The result is a series of actionable takeaways pools can use to further recruitment and retention of pooling talent. She is the founder and content director for Inlay Insights.


Strategic Foresight

Strategic foresight resources help pools spot future trends with more clarity.

This set of materials will help pool governing bodies and staff to thoughtfully identify, examine and prepare for the forces shaping change in public entity pooling and recognize biases that can hinder progress. Use these tools to guide the next steps in creating a future-forward organization.  

About AGRiP’s Resident Futurist: Rebecca Ryan has been called “a human spark plug” for the energy and insight she brings as a keynote speaker. Her expertise helps members identify the small details while looking at the big picture of public entity pooling and its future. As Resident Futurist, Rebecca studies governmental trends at all levels, identifies barriers and biases that hold back organizations, and provides pools with a framework for strategic, future-forward thinking and planning. She is the founder of Next Generation Consulting