Share your experience at the 2017 Fall Educational Forum


As AGRiP finalizes content for the 2017 Fall Educational Forum, we're looking for pool members with stories or expertise in a few specific areas. If you have an example of how your pool is working on one or more of these issues, or have a suggestion for others we might talk to, please let us know!

  • Blockchain technology: Examples of pools exploring or actively using this new technology within underwriting, accounting, or other operations.
  • Infrastructure investments: How are you adapting underwriting and risk management practices for changing infrastructure investments?
  • Indirect dam risks: How are pools evaluating and considering the indirect risks of a dam or levee break, including threats to members who don't own or maintain the infrastructure, but might suffer serious losses from a breach?
  • Public private partnerships: Stories and examples about the good and bad of these arrangements, including how they're being used today and how a pool's membership or coverage might be impacted.
  • Reducing strains and sprains: Innovative ideas to mitigate the risk and prevent injuries, tried and true tactics that may be useful to review, and examples of how a pool has achieved positive results.
  • Captive formation: Explanation of the reasons to form a captive, the benefits and value of doing so.
  • Elected officials risk management: Examples of useful training for elected officials and the impact such training has on losses.
  • Driving simulators: Examples of how pools are using driving simulators of and stories of success.
  • Prioritizing loss control for members: Ideas for how to prioritize risk management efforts at the member level given local resource constraints.
  • Concussion risks: An overview of concussion risks and examples of effective loss control efforts.
  • Impact of legalized marijuana: Impact on pools in all coverage lines and service areas, including underwriting and risk management responses.
  • Pandemic risks: Planning and preparation examples from pools preparing for a pandemic crisis.
  • Wearable technology: Experiments, experience, or other programs to implement wearable technology for loss control delivery to pool members.
  • Evolutions in property appraisals: New and improved practices for appraising and scheduling member properties.
  • Exemplary underwriting help from reinsurers: Unique, extraordinary examples of how your pool has partnered with a reinsurer to improve operations, or introduce new coverage or services.
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