The PR Toolkit helps educate and create a positive awareness of pooling’s value as a natural extension of local government, acting in good stewardship of public finances.  It contains customizable messaging to explain pooling advantages outside the sector, and to pool members and prospects. 

The PR Toolkit is starting work for your pool's strategic communication efforts to manage, protect, and build the reputation of public entity pooling.  You can use the PR Toolkit to:

  • Build an image 
  • Reinforce your reputation
  • Raise awareness about pooling as an important contributor to public service
  • Highlight the specific ways your pool enables its members to be more effective and efficient
  • Educate key stakeholders 
  • Increase understanding about pooling benefits 
  • Respond to questions about your pool 
  • Influence opinion leaders
  • Motivate members and influencers to take action

Additional materials for implementation of PR Toolkit messaging are available upon member login.

The PR Toolkit for Public Entity Pools was developed by AGRiP, with support and input from project partners CAJPA and NLC-RISC, and external public relations and communication expertise provided by Eric Mower + Associates.