Foundational Pooling Knowledge

Pooling Basics is one of AGRiP's most popular conference courses, and rightly so. Crafted and presented by pooling professionals who are well familiar with the topics, Pooling Basics offers both important information and insight on the fundamentals of pooling operations.

Broken into several smaller sessions, the course is presented twice annually at the Fall Educational Forum and Governance & Leadership Conference. Any registered conference attendee may participate, but it is especially helpful to new pool board members or pool staff.

The 2018 Governance & Leadership Conference materials include:


Pooling Basics 2.0

Pooling Basics 2.0 is an adaptation of the popular and effective in-person curriculum. The online, nine-module tutorial is designed to meet the needs of learners who can't attend one of our regular conference events, or to allow group participation in introductory coursework.
Pooling Basics 2.0 is most effective for new board members or staff who need exposure to the rationale for pooling and an overview of all pooling functions. The online format allows you to pace your own learning, test your understanding, review key ideas, and build on skills and information acquired along the way.The course can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.
 The nine course modules are:

  • Pool Formations, Foundations and Benefits
  • Basic Concepts of Risk Transfer
  • Coverages & Coverage Documents
  • Actuarial Analysis & Funding Studies
  • Finance
  • Concepts of Underwriting
  • Risk Management
  • Claims & Litigation Management
  • Governance & Education 

Pooling Basics 2.0 has two pricing options available.

Option 1:  $100/user for 12 weeks of access.

Option 2:  10% discount off the per user fee if the pool buys access for all staff, with unlimited access for one year. Once purchased, access may also be used for board members. For example, a pool with a staff of 20 that purchases 20 subscriptions would pay $1,800 for an unlimited year subscription. The subscription could be used by any or all staff and board members.         

Alternative pricing options are also available to fit unique needs. Register now, or contact us with any questions. 


The EIA staff is working together to complete the AGRiP Pooling Basics online course. We have broken up the modules in a way that allows us to supplement the material with EIA-specific policies, history, and information. It has been a huge success so far and the feedback we have received from our staff has been very positive! (Gina Dean, Chief Operating Officer, CSAC Excess Insurance Authority)