Stories that Set Us Apart

Your stories truly set public entity pooling apart. Help us energize the power of pooling by sharing your story.

Stories that Set Us Apart will collect and preserve the experiences of public entity pooling staff, Board members, and service providers. It’s easy to record and submit your story. Use the Stories that Set Us Apart app from your phone, tablet, or computer. The app is available in both iPhone and Android app stores, or online.

You’ll be prompted to answer one of five questions:

  • What made you realize public entity pooling was the right place for you?
  • What keeps you in public entity pooling?
  • How do your childhood dreams relate to your public entity pooling role?
  • Who in public entity pooling has been most inspirational to you?
  • Describe a meaningful experience you've had in public entity pooling.

If you prefer to share a written story, send it to Michelle Leonard.