Pool Members

AGRiP makes it easy for members to connect and collaborate. Search member pools and QEI Patrons by acronym, name, state and more. This list was last updated in July, 2018.

AGRiP pool members by state of operation


Alaska Municipal League Joint Insurance Association, Inc.

Alaska Public Entity Insurance



Arizona Counties Insurance Pool
Arizona School Boards Association Insurance Trust
The Arizona School Alliance for Workers' Compensation, Inc.
Kairos Health Arizona, Inc.
Arizona School Risk Retention Trust, Inc.


Central Arkansas Risk Management Association


CivicRisk Mutual


Alliance of Schools for Cooperative Insurance Programs
Association of California Water Agencies/JPIA
Bay Cities Joint Powers Insurance Authority
Big Independent Cities Excess Pool
California Affiliated Risk Management Authority
California Joint Powers Insurance Authority
California Transit Indemnity Pool
Central Region School Insurance Group
Central San Joaquin Valley Risk Management Authority
CSAC Excess Insurance Authority 
Employment Risk Management Authority
Fire Agencies Self Insurance System
Golden State Risk Management Authority
Independent Cities Risk Management Authority
North Bay Schools Insurance Authority
Northern California Cities Self-Insurance Fund
Northern California Regional Liability Excess Fund
Public Agency Risk Sharing Authority of California
Redwood Empire Schools Insurance Group
San Mateo County Schools Insurance Group
Santa Clara County School Insurance Group
Schools Association for Excess Risk
Schools Excess Liability Fund
Schools Insurance Authority
Schools Insurance Group
Self-Insured Schools of California
Shasta-Trinity Schools Insurance Group
Southern California Regional Liability Excess Fund
Special District Risk Management Authority
Statewide Association of Community Colleges
Statewide Educational Wrap Up Program
Valley Insurance Programs Joint Powers Agency
Vector Control Joint Powers Agency
Yolo County Public Agency Risk Management Insurance Authority


Genesis Reciprocal Insurance Exchange    
Municipal Insurance Association of British Columbia
Mutuelle des municipalites du Quebec


Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency
Colorado School Districts Self Insurance Pool
Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool
Northern Colorado School Districts WC Self Insurance Pool
Rocky Mountain Risk Insurance Group


Connecticut Interlocal Risk Management Agency
CT Prime


Florida Insurance Alliance
Florida Public Housing Authority Self-Insurance Fund
Florida School Board Insurance Trust
Florida Sheriffs Risk Management Fund
Public Risk Management of Florida


Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (sponsoring association)
Georgia Housing Authorities Risk Retention Pool, Inc.
Georgia School Boards Association Risk Management Fund
Georgia School Boards Association Workers' Compensation Fund


Idaho Counties Risk Management Program


Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust
Illinois Public Risk Fund
Intergovernmental Personnel Benefit Cooperative
Intergovernmental Risk Management Agency
Park District Risk Management Agency
Secondary School Cooperative Risk Management Program
Township Officials of Illinois Risk Management Association


Aim Medical Trust
East Central Indiana School Trust
Educational Service Centers Risk Funding Trust
Indiana Public Employers' Plan


Iowa Communities Assurance Pool


Kansas Association of School Boards Workers' Compensation Fund, Inc.
Kansas County Association Multiline Pool
Kansas Eastern Region Insurance Trust


Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services
Louisville Area Governmental Self-Insurance Trust


Louisiana Public Schools Risk Management Agency


Maine Municipal Association Property & Casualty Pool
Maine Municipal Association Workers Compensation Fund


Local Government Insurance Trust
Maryland Association of Boards of Education Group Insurance Pool
Maryland Association of Boards of Education Worker's Compensation Group Self Insurance Fund


Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association
MEGA Property & Casualty Group, Inc.
County Road Association Self-Insurance Fund
MASB-SEG Property/Casualty Pool, Inc.
Metropolitan Assoc for Improved School Legislation Joint Risk Mgmt Trust
Michigan Community College Risk Management Authority
Michigan County Road Commission Self-Insurance Pool
Michigan Municipal League (sponsoring association)
Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority
Michigan Transit Pool
Middle Cities Risk Management Trust
West Michigan Risk Management Trust


League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (sponsoring association)
Minnesota Association of Townships Insurance Trust
Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust


Mississippi Association of Supervisors Insurance Trust


Missouri Association of Counties Self-Insured Workers' Compensation and Insurance Trust
Missouri Housing Authorities Property & Casualty, Inc.
Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association
Missouri Public Entity Risk Management Fund


Montana Association of Counties (sponsoring association)
Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority
Montana Schools Group Insurance Authority
Montana Schools Unemployment Insurance Program


League Association of Risk Management
NASB All Lines Interlocal Cooperative Aggregate Pool
Nebraska Intergovernmental Risk Management Association


Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool
Public Agency Compensation Trust

New Hampshire

HealthTrust, Inc.
New Hampshire Public Risk Management Exchange
New Hampshire School Health Care Coalition

New Jersey

Atlantic County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund
Burlington County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund
Garden State Municipal Joint Insurance Fund
Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland Counties Municipal Joint Insurance Fund
Municipal Excess Liability Joint Insurance Fund 
New Jersey Schools Insurance Group
School Pool for Excess Liability Limits Joint Insurance Fund 

New Mexico

AMERIND Risk Management Corporation
New Mexico Association of Counties

New York

New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal
New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal
New York State Municipal Workers' Compensation Alliance
Public Employer Risk Management Association, Inc.

North Carolina

North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (sponsoring association)
  • North Carolina Association of County Commissioners Liability and Property Pool
  • North Carolina Association of County Commissioners Workers' Compensation Pool
North Carolina Housing Authorities Risk Retention Pool
North Carolina League of Municipalities (sponsoring association)

North Dakota

North Dakota Insurance Reserve Fund


County Commissioners Association of Ohio (sponsoring association)
Health Transit Pool of Ohio
Miami Valley Risk Management Association
Ohio Municipal Joint Self-Insurance Pool
Ohio Plan Risk Management, Inc.
Ohio School Plan
Ohio Township Association Risk Management Authority
Ohio Transit Risk Pool
Schools of Ohio Risk Sharing Authority
Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma (sponsoring association)
Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group
Oklahoma Schools Insurance Group


Oregon Public Entity Excess Pool
Property & Casualty Coverage for Education
Special Districts Insurance Services


County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (sponsoring association)
Delaware Valley Trusts

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust    

South Carolina

South Carolina School Boards Insurance Trust

South Dakota

Associated School Boards Protective Trust
South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance


Public Entity Partners        
Tennessee Risk Management Trust


Deep East Texas Self-Insurance Fund
Texas Association of Counties (sponsoring association)
Texas Association of School Boards Risk Management Fund
Texas Council Risk Management Fund
Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool
Texas Political Subdivisions JSIF
Texas Rural Education Association Risk Management Cooperative
Texas Water Conservation Association Risk Management Fund
Utah Counties Indemnity Pool        
Utah Local Governments Trust
Utah Risk Management Mutual Association
Vermont League of Cities & Towns (sponsoring association)
Vermont School Boards Insurance Trust
Prince William Self-Insurance Group
Virginia Transit Liability Pool
VML Insurance Programs
Association of Washington Cities Employee Benefit Trust
Association of Washington Cities Risk Management Service Agency
Central Washington Utilities Unified Insurance Program
Cities Insurance Association of Washington
Public Utility Risk Management Services
Schools Insurance Association of Washington
Southwest Washington Risk Management Insurance Cooperative
United Schools Insurance Program
Washington Cities Insurance Authority
Washington Counties Risk Pool
Washington Rural Counties Insurance Program
Washington Schools Risk Management Pool
Washington State Transit Insurance Pool
Water and Sewer Risk Management Pool
Cities & Villages Mutual Insurance Company
League of Wisconsin Municipalities Mutual Insurance
Municipal Property Insurance Company
Wisconsin County Insurance Mutual Corp.
Wisconsin Municipal Mutual Insurance Company
Wyoming Association of Risk Management
AGRiP member pools operating in multiple states/nationally listed by state of domicile
American Public Entity Excess Pool (excess insurance pool)
Midwest Public Risk (Missouri & Kansas)
New Hampshire
Government Entities Mutual, Inc. (reinsurance captive)
New Mexico
AMERIND Risk Management Corporation
New York
Scholar Associates (reinsurance pool)
North Carolina
County Reinsurance, Limited (reinsurance pool)
TML MultiState Intergovernmental Employee Benefits Pool
Transit Reinsurance, Ltd. (reinsurance pool)
Washington, D.C.
NLC Mutual Insurance Company (reinsurance pool)