LMCIT's Pete Tritz receives the AGRiP Award for Excellence in Service


For more than 35 years, the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust and its administrator Pete Tritz have been fixtures in the public entity pooling industry. Now, Tritz’s years of service have been recognized by the AGRiP Board of Directors, who named him as recipient of the 2017 Award for Excellence in Service.

Tritz started with the League of Minnesota Cities in 1974, working as research director and later as supervisor of the League’s research and inquiry service. When local governments around the country started to face challenges in finding affordable coverage during the latter part of the decade, LMC turned to its research department – and, more specifically, Tritz – to develop alternatives for Minnesota cities. He was up to the challenge.

According to award nomination materials submitted on his behalf, Tritz “took on the responsibility with his customary thoughtfulness and commitment to members.”

Tritz was named as administrator of the newly-formed League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust in 1980, and has carried that title since LMCIT’s inception. Under his guidance, LMCIT has grown to a financially stable organization that provides property/casualty and workers’ compensation coverage to more than 95 percent of Minnesota’s cities, while also developing dozens of creative coverages and programs.

Tritz’s dedication and service to Minnesota cities is demonstrated in countless ways. His tenure at LMCIT has been grounded in behind-the-scenes work that allows local governments to focus on providing public services. From making sure a favorite tree in the community park was replaced after a tornado swept through to providing training for public employees to help them remain safe while performing dangerous jobs in public safety, Tritz has been a guiding voice and a helping hand for local governments in Minnesota. 

And, he’s fulfilled that same guiding role for many individuals.

“Any number of people have grown professionally because of Pete’s willingness to coach them, trust them and give them the resources they need,” according to his nomination team. “LMCIT staff has extraordinarily high job satisfaction.”

The AGRiP Board of Directors selected Tritz for the Service award not only for his tenure at and many contributions to LMCIT, but for “Pete’s willingness to share his time, talent and expertise collaboratively with the pooling community at large.”

AGRiP’s Award for Excellence in Service recognizes an individual who notably promotes the intergovernmental risk pooling field through significant contributions to the industry, and whose dedication has had a demonstrable impact on the quality and services provided to the pooling community.

Tritz will receive his award March 6, at AGRiP’s 2017 Governance & Leadership Conference in Orlando, Fla.

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