Stay Connected

To recognize the contributions of pooling leaders and keep them connected to AGRiP conversations, Honorary Lifetime Associate Membership is offered to those:

  • Having served no fewer than 10 years as an employee of or contract provider to a pool eligible for regular or affiliate AGRiP membership, or no fewer than 10 years as an employee of one or more QEI Patrons (as determined by QEI Patron status as of the time of nomination);
  • Having provided distinguished service to the pooling community and/or to AGRIP that goes beyond the normal contributions of similarly situated individuals, which service shall be documented in a letter of nomination;
  • Nominated by a pool.

 Honorary Lifetime Associate Members:

Donna Abersman     Diane Cleary   Cheryle Mangels Duncan “Mack” Rabourn
Thomas Bell    Paul Genovese   Jack Mills Marvin Townsend
Sal Bianchi    John Gutman   Rufus Nye Robert Worthington
Peter Boss    Noel Klein   Elizabeth Puddington Joseph Zimmerman
Thomas Brouwer    Betsy Kutska   Harold Pumford