Important Information About Group Registration

Before beginning the registration process on behalf of a group, review and gather the following information for each person being registered. You will need all of this information to successfully complete registration and make hotel arrangements for your attendees.

Check with attendees to determine:

  • Whether each attendee wants to participate in optional programs including:
  • Attendee's preferred pronouns as they wish them to appear on their name badge (examples: he, she, they, ze).
  • Any individual dietary issues.
  • An emergency contact name and phone number for each attendee.
  • Attendee's email address for conference-related information. Include attendee email addresses, not your own.
  • Attendees who wish to bring a guest must be registered individually. Group registration does not allow for also registering guests.
  • Attendees who wish to use a discount code must be registered individually.

Email us for any registration-related questions.