Financial Benchmarking


The Financial Benchmarking Initiative (FBI)  is a one-of-a-kind tool for public entity pools to gauge financial performance using national, regional or customizable comparisons.

The insight from financial benchmarking can help public entity pools evaluate operations, financial strength and goals. 

A total of 14 different ratios calculated from data collected through audited financial statements have been grouped into four related categories:

The Financial Benchmarking Initiative is only accessible to AGRiP pool members who have submitted their latest audited financial statement and registered for participation. To complete the registration process, or for more information, contact AGRiP

A FAQ is available with more information about the tool and its capabilities.  

The software interface for the Financial Benchmarking Initiative was constructed and is maintained through an in-kind donation from JLT Re, an AGRiP QEI Patron. Pool-specific information is available only to the pool that provided its audited financials. All pool financial information is protected from use by JLT Re.


Date of last data upload: July 2017.